This is our time! We are calling youth everywhere to boldly take action for one week, October 26th-30th (Monday-Friday), in the following ways:
1. Pray & Fast

Choose something you want to fast for the week (no netflix, food, sweets, etc.) and spend time alone each day in prayer, or rally your squad for daily rumbles at your house, your school, or over zoom-- praying for salvation and awakening in Generation z. 

2. Proclaim The Gospel Online

Post a video each day of you either sharing the Gospel, your testimony, or releasing your creative expression (art, music, dance, writing, etc.). Put the hashtag #genzforjesus on each post, and let’s see a viral sound thunder across the internet declaring that our generation belongs to Jesus! 

3. Reach Your School With Evangelism & Prayer

Pick at least one day to boldly engage your campus with the Gospel and with prayer. Plan a gathering, or launch a Jesus Club to invite your school to come hear about God. Pray for students in the hallways, bring your guitars and worship in front of the school, or stand up and share your testimony with the whole lunchroom. Whatever it looks like, ask God for the boldness to take action, and let’s flood our campuses with prayer and the good news of Jesus Christ!

4. Join Us In Person (If You Can) On The Gen Z For Jesus Tour!

Join us this October 24-30 on the Gen Z For Jesus TOUR!! Join us, Cash Baker, Mason Bristol, John Ford, Eliel Huntt, Isabella Bernal, Dezzei, One Voice Music, Bailey Redmond, Awaken The Dawn Worship, Laity, the Jesus Clubs, Circuit Rider Youth, Lexie Stimmell, Awaken The Dawn, Aaron Custalow, Brian Barcelona, and many others as we hit the road this October 25-30. We’ll be coming together to worship, pray, proclaim the gospel, get baptized, and lift our voices together to mobilize our generation for JESUS!!


Bring your friends, bring a mask, and BRING YOUR VOICE! Join us at one of these locations:

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